Social Media Marketing

Everyone is obsessed with their social media accounts right now. People are glued to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram due to this constant need to overshare and connect with the world around them. This is an important thing to remember as a business because these are people who you could be targeting your ads to in order to increase your exposure and bring customers to your business. You are going to get a great return on your investment by using social media marketing to promote your business. This includes marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. 


Since Facebook just has more detailed information on their accounts than other social media accounts, you can just do a lot more with Facebook in terms of marketing. You can post testimonials from other clients, have more photos and longer descriptions of their products and services, and send out event reminders. You can also post videos about your business and read comments from customers. You are able to post back a link from Twitter.


One of the biggest things on Twitter is hashtags. If you can get your business trending in the area with these hashtags. However, this is not the only way that Twitter can be used for ads. Twitter allows businesses to promote their services and products in Tweets. This will appear on the timeline as followers. Users can also boost their tweets so users outside of their followers can see their ads. These tweets can also include photos, GIFs, and various other visually appealing options. Just remember that you are limited with 140 characters here.


Instagram is among the most used social media sites, but this is a site that you may not have considered before. A lot of the biggest businesses use Instagram as a way to market their business. Instagram is a great marketing tool because you can create some very visually appealing campaigns and use that to draw customers in. This is also useful because you can directly interact with your potential customers. This platform can help you to reach potential customers on both web browsers and their smartphones. Around 71% of businesses have their own Instagram page where they share a variety of photos and give a bit of personality to your brand. This offers you the connection with you customers that can give you a competitive edge over other businesses.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn may be a professional networking site, but it still has a lot to offer your business. You can network and get your business out this way or you can use LinkedIn ads to promote your business. Between the text ads and the sponsored ads, you are gaining more exposure. Each of these options come with their own benefits, meaning you should really research to make sure you are getting the right type of ads.

Through social media sites, you are able to get access to such beneficial marketing tools. These can be very budget friendly ways to maximize your profits by getting you exposure so customers can easily find you.