Basic Amazon Marketing Service
Setup 5 Sponsored Camapigns
Manage up to 50 Keywords
Research Store and Advice
  • $1 - $1,000 Ad Budget with Amazon
  • Manage up to 50 Keywords
  • Brand Registry Assistance
  • Setup Amazon Brand Store
  • 1 Hour Consultation



100% Satisfaction Guarantee for your Marketing
Setup up to 100 Campaigns
Manage up to 1000 Keywords
Setup Brand Advertising
Setup Brand Store and Optimize
  • $1 - $5,000 Ad Budget
  • Manage up to $1,000 Keywords
  • Brand Store Optimization
  • Monthly Analysis and Reporting
  • 5 Hours Consultation

Performance Based Markting


10% of ROI Profit 

Performance Based Marketing
Unlimited Campaigns, Keywords, Brand Ads, Sponsored, Competitor Ads
Setup and Manage Brand Store

No Results = No Pay!
  • Unlimited Budget
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Phone Coaching
  • Weekly Reporting

Search Engine Marketing Advertising with Amazon

Have Amazon Certified Experts on your side to help you increase your Sales Revenue and avoid wasted spend to lower your ACoS within 30 days.

SEM allows you to not only advertise with PPC, but also you help you grow organically with Amazon Algorithm. 

We offer our services from Small Businesses to Large Multi Million Dollar Corporations to help you succeed with Amazon. 

For more information contact us at 800-743-1860 

Search Engine Markets helped me start on Amazon with PPC marketing and doubled our sales within 6 months. We have a beautiful amazon website now and our sales are the highest they have ever been.”                 Joanna  – Marketing Manger – Telescope Industry 


Search Engine Markets Services for Organic SEO and Paid Search Marketing

FEATURESBasic PlanStandard PlanPerformance Based
Monthly PPC spend with PPC networks$1-$1,000$1000 – $10,000Unlimited Spend
Keywords OptimizationsUp to 100 KeywordsUp to 100 KeywordsUnlimited Keywords
Amazon Brand Store Basic Setup4 Optimizations / mo Unlimited Changes
Campaign Setup Up to 5 Campaigns Up to 50 Campaigns Unlimited Campaigns
Reporting and Analysis1 Time Report Monthly Reports Unlimited Reporting
Coaching and Consultation 1 Consultation 2 Calls per Month Unlimited Coaching
Video Ads n/aUpload 1 Video Store Unlimited Video
Competitor Analysisn/aProvidedProvided
Industry analysis   
A / B Testing   
Day Parting   
Brand Registry Assistance   
Banner Creation on Store   
Custom URL Address for Amazon Store   
Assigned Account Manager   
Forward Links to Social Media Marketing   
Display Advertising – DSP – Digital Side Platform   
International – Canada and Mexico AMS   

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