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Let Certified Amazon Experts help you manage your Amazon Advertising. 

To get optimal results in any issue, it is always wise to hire professionals and knowledgeable experts in their industry. 

Our Amazon experts are certified and accredited in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). 

ams-certified-accredited-amazon-marketing-services-advertising                                          AMS Certified – Amazon Marketing Services


Amazon Consultants are also certified in Demand Side Platform (DSP) for display ads.

demand-side-platform-certified                                                 DSP – Demand Side Platform Certified Accreditation

Imagine if you had to a tooth that hurts. Would you go to a dentist, or would you try extract it yourself with pliers?  I would guess, most people call an professional dentist.  The same rule applies in amazon campaign management.  Also look for someone an amazon expert who is certified in AMS and DSP marketing to ensure they have the latest knowledge in today’s technology.  

What happens if you don’t call an advertising expert?  Let’s take a look at actual cases that happened: 

Case 1: Search Engine Markets once saw a manufacturing company advertising on Google with an average bounce rate 80% across all of their ads.  They were wasting $60,000 per month and did not know where this money was going or converting.   Our Advertising Experts paused the broad keywords and improved their 25% bounce rate by applying specific keywords, which helped double their sales!  

Case 2:  One of our clients sold paint sprayers on Amazon.  Their in house employee who had no knowledge of AMS advertising, was driving all of their product listing ads to their competitors on amazon Graco, Homeright and others. In turn they wasted over $150,000 in 2018 by driving ads and giving free traffic to their competitors.  As soon as we saw that, we paused all of their ads and created new campaigns and their sales immediately went up 40% within 3 months. 

Advertising portals like Amazon Advertising, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads make millions of dollars on a daily basis, but unfortunately millions of dollars are wasted every day as well from small to medium businesses. 

Did you know that in 2019, small medium and large businesses spent $103.73 billion on Google Adwords alone, according to Emarketer.*

Here is the kicker, “76% of Google Adwords” that advertisers spend money on, are “wasted spend,” according to Search Engine Journal.*  So if you put the numbers together, $76 Billion dollars in 2019 went to nothing but clicks, non-converting money that people did not buy or convert into a lead. 

On Amazon businesses spent $10 Billion Dollars on Amazon Advertising in 2019?*  2019 amazon advertising ad spend

Why all of this wasted advertising spend? 

Small and medium businesses try and tackle advertising in house by themselves to try and save money, same reason as the individual trying to extract his own tooth with pliers.  The truth is that the consumer does not have the tools, and the resources they need, to create and manage amazon advertising campaigns.  Companies do not have the insights of customer behavior and amazon reporting analysis tools to see what keywords are working and which campaigns are causing the errors. 

Amazon Experts are certified and have an average of 10 years of pay per click knowledge and expertise to save you money on each click, ad and campaign, every single day.  Lower ACoS (Advertised Cost of Sale) means higher sales revenue and more money in your pocket! 

Don’t take our word for it, talk an Amazon Expert, by contacting Search Engine Markets or calling 800-743-1860



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