In dirt, Search Engine Markets finds gold. In Amazon Campaign Management Analysis, we examine each keyword, search term, top selling ASINs and time of day that sales happen.

We sift through the wasted keywords and find the best performing campaigns versus the worst performing by looking at month over month and year over year data.

Take a look at this basic example below which has a campaign that has 96% ACoS (Advertised Cost of Sale). This is an obvious one to show you that is horrible, if your goal is to make a profit, then this is the worst performing campaign. This company spent 10,335 to make 10,713, which will end up in a loss.

Let’s take a look at the 1st campaign, which spent only, $1,694 and brought in $17,723 with an ACoS of 9.5% which is amazing compared to the rest of the campaigns.

At Search Engine Markets we focus on creating, managing and maintaining a low ACoS so you increase your profits while saving from wasted advertised ad spend.

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Learn which Brands and Campaigns are Outperforming

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Learn Strategies to Increase Amazon Sales Revenue

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Calculate RoAS - Return on AD Spend and Profits

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Discover Customer Behavior and Keywords they are Typing in

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Search Engine Markets offers a complete Amazon Campaign Management and Analysis with keyword optimization and reporting to help you see the optimal campaigns to allocate budgets to increase you RoAS by decreasing ACoS
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