Amazon Advertising Consultant are here to help manage your AMS marketing strategies to increase your return on investments.

Did you know that businesses spent $10 Billion dollars on AMS Advertising which has increased from $7 Billion in 2018.  However there is a significant amount of wasted Ad spend. 

Search Engine Markets has certified amazon experts who have a 15 year track record of managing Amazon Advertising for both seller central and vendor central.

Amazon Advertising Consultant

Let the certified amazon advertising consultants manage your amazon keyword analysis, create effective sponsored Ads and optimize your brand store. 

Our Amazon advertising consultant uses a variety of tools and resources to help discover search terms and keywords to learn customer behavior.

They utilize a mix of broad phrase and exact match keywords to target your niche audience.  From optimizing meta tags for SEO, to Pay Per advertising in the auction based system, amazon advertising consultant are ready to help lower your ACoS and increase your RoAS.   

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