Advertising on Linkedin

Advertising on LinkedIn

            LinkedIn is a top runner in the social media community for professionals and consumers alike. LinkedIn connects people from all over the world into one community that allows business owners and those looking for career opportunities to meet one another. However, LinkedIn also has a built in advertising system that is known to raise awareness about your business, help you to build your brand and to generate much needed leads for success. LinkedIn offers several ways to achieve ultimate advertising success through sponsored content, display ads and text ads.

Sponsored Content

            Sponsored content is unique to LinkedIn. Sponsored content includes the company page updates that you promote through your company or organization using a special campaign manager. Your updates will show up on the LinkedIn homepage feed for members that show interest in your type of business or organization depending on specific criteria. Your content is also shared to the member’s connections who shows interest in your content. Sponsored content is an amazing way to advertise because it spans all over LinkedIn instead of just one place.

Display Ads

            These display ads that are created by you have the potential to reach many consumers. The LinkedIn display ads are placed within highly viewable LinkedIn pages depending on your needs. These ads are placed on high traffic pages that are viewed thousands of times per day. These display ads can be purchased at a set price instead of a monthly or yearly fee. This type of advertising is perfect for any business, large or small. Your ad has the potential to reach over 450 million individuals worldwide.

Text Ads

            Text ads on LinkedIn are native ads that are used to attract the right customers and bring them to you. These text ads raise awareness for your brand and also build relationships with your audience. The text ads can be optimized depending on what you are sharing. You can share your company’s content or a special scheduled event with your audience and reach all of the right individuals. This allows them to follow you and know what you are doing at all times. Just like the other ad types, these ads drive leads and capture attention of your followers and audience. The traffic can be optimized to fit your needs and get the right people to you the first time. These ads can be seen on all devices including your laptop, phone and tablet. You can also set your own budget with pay per click or cost per impression options – whatever is right for you.

            All of these ads on LinkedIn can be customized to give you exactly what you need and want. You can choose depending on your budget as well as the audience you need to bring in. You are sure to find the advertising campaign that works the best for your company and your business goals. Through sponsored content, display ads and text ads, LinkedIn is the ultimate place to find the perfect clients to bring you success.