Website Call Tracking for Conversions to know your ROI

Search Engine Markets has a unique feature of enabling Call Tracking for all of our Conversions.

Back in the old days when companies advertised on Print Ads and Banners and spent tens of thousands of dollars, they had no idea how many people saw their banner? visited their store, or how many people saw their phone number and called from the banner.

Now with API integration with Call Tracking in Google Adwords and Bing, you can know exactly what your Return on Investment is by the number of calls that you get.

With Call Tracking, you will be able to tell:

  1. How many calls you receive each day
    1. For ex…. 25 calls today
  2. Who the Caller is by Name, their City and Phone Number
    • For ex…. Kate Johnson, San Francisco, CA, 528-390-1111
  3. Duration of call
    1. For ex… 4.39 minutes
  4. Date and Time they called
    1. Ex… Monday Sept 3rd at 2:30 pm
  5. Which keyword and “Search Term” they actually typed in
    1. For Example: “Samsung LED TV 75 inch model 38004”
  6. What Source they came from, ex:
    1. Google Organic
    2. Google Paid
    3. Bing Ad

Best of all – You can

7.     Listen to the Call and hear what the customer is saying

8. There will be a feature when you pick up which will you let you know this is a call from Google

9. You can use these call for “Sales and Training” purposes.

Call Tracking for Conversions

Call Tracking for Conversions