Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is the process of optimizing any website or any webpage in order to increase the visibility it gets or its ranking on any search engine’s result page. This is also known as SERP’s. This visibility or the ranking it gets is increased in the search engine’s organic or natural results, which tends to explain the term Organic SEO. It is very relevant to note that this is actually the first step which any experienced SEO SEM company would actually recommend to any client as part of their online strategy as regards to marketing.

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Now, this part has to do with the On-page and the Off-page aspects of search engine optimization (SEO), and they are explained comprehensively below. SEO has to do with how a search engine works with any actual search term which is could also be known as keywords which are inserted into search boxes, and how these results are shown.

On-Page Optimization

The term On-Page Optimization has to do with the adjustment of any website or web page in order to optimize it in the best way possible so as to make the particular website or webpage very easy to access by search engines all over the internet for specific keywords without having any form of hindrance, and the removal of any parameter that would in any way prevent any search engine from ignoring that particular website. Now, this is inherently achieved by the optimization of different contents, HTML, and other coding as regards to the business related keywords of the webpage or website which is to be optimized so that several search bots tend to find it relevant to the particular search terms inputted by any visitor.

Off-Page Optimization

Now, talking about Off-page optimization, this is actually the opposite of on-page optimization. It is related to all the related tasks which are done on the outside of any website or web page and the optimization of several outside aspects which affect the very factors of how that particular website is then found online. It inherently involves the placing of the information of your website on several external sources in order to make your site very accessible from several locations online. With this placement of your website on these relevant and reliable resources on the net, your website tends to gain a good amount of popularity, and this makes it very easy for search engines all over the internet to relate to your webpage or website for any relevant search term. This, in turn, places your website higher in the search engine rankings. Now, there are several ways whereby your website can be placed on the internet which could help optimize it for search engines; Directory Submission, Article Writing, Link Building, Article Submission, Press Releases, and Blogging.

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